History of Justvoices Peace and Environment choir

Just Voices was founded by a group of inspired individuals in 2004 with Greg Furlong as Musical Director, combining music and a concern for the environment and social justice, allowing listeners to experience these topics in a different light. Artistic vision, repertory and performance opportunities were modeled on those of similar choirs, including Toronto's Song Cycles, Edmonton's Notre Dame des Bananes or Sydney Australia's Solidarity Choir.

Although there is a Musical Director, Just Voices has always had a cooperative approach to leadership, encouraging members to contribute suggestions for interpretation, repertory, and performance opportunities. The choir is seen as a community-based mostly a-capella group, that prepares a yearly concert series but also responds quickly to requests for occasional performances at local events suited to its vision.

This kind of group requires topical, all inclusive repertory, but Furlong is a capable arranger, and suggestions for new music were, and are, often followed up with arrangements suited to the choir's needs and abilities. For example, the choir sings a variety of songs supporting transportation alternatives to the car, such as the "Hallelujah" Chorus transformed by Sarah Hood's lyrics into "Ride a Cycle", with a directive to "Trade your cars for Handel bars!" Over time the choir's repertory has expanded to include over 50 pieces encompassing many other topics including social justice, war and peace, the environment, consumerism, and current events.

By Greg Furlong (Feb 2016)

Musical Directors

2004-2013 Greg Furlong
2013-2016 Kyla Ramsey
2016-Date Jean Winter

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